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Areas of Expertise

Strategic Communications Advisor

Best practices, thought leadership, and mature executive communications.

Carolyn is an award-winning MarComm professional, who serves as a trusted advisor to high-profile companies, foundations, and non-profits.  

Her New England-based business, has a demonstrated history of:

  • Driving communications related to culture, engagement, mission, corporate social responsibility, and diversity and inclusion.

  • Building relationships and connecting with others.

  • Consistent, proactive, and multi-Level approach. 

  • Elevating leadership by helping senior executives improve their visibility and be recognized as "thought leaders" in their industries.

Skilled in content creation, storytelling, web and graphic design, social media, strategic planning, MarComm campaigns, speechwriting, grant writing, events, and project management.

Career and Business Coaching

Achieve ambitions. Overcome challenges. Build a better future.

Career coaching is all about unlocking possibilities and achieving goals.

Engaging with a coach gives you a head start, a step up – they dig into strengths, uncover areas that need improvement, identify opportunities, and provide the support and structure you need to turn potential into achievement.

Developing your career path is not easy to do. Carolyn is a dedicated career champion who will help you work through challenges and achieve your goals.

In addition, Carolyn is an experienced workshop facilitator, trainer, and business advisor with many years of experience in both the public, private, and non-profit sectors. She offers a highly tailored business coaching experience that addresses unique areas of growth, craft a long-term vision for business success and drives distinctive results. 

Fun Fact: Carolyn is also a professional Figure Skating Coach.

Explore more about the world of Figure and Ice Skating in New England. 

Cute Notebooks

Psychic Intuitive & Holistic Health

"That Vibe...she was born with it!"  

Carolyn continuously studies and practices a centuries-old craft...she calls the "Universal Secret.” She has the ability to tap into and connect with Angels, Guides, and Spirits for messages from beyond. She enjoys using her intuition and wisdom to not only better herself but to help others.


During a reading, she connects with her Guides (and yours) to help you receive the answers to questions. After a reading, you will leave feeling loved, motivated, and empowered!  

​Are you interested in.....?

  • Angel & Tarot Card Readings

  • Angels, Guides & Spirit Readings

  • Relationship & Past Life Readings 

  • Dream Interpretations

  • Astrology & Birthday Readings

  • Table Tipping Meditation 

  • Pendulum & Palm Readings

  • Numerology 

  • Law of Attraction; Manifesting your future and desires

  • Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit

  • Life Patterns, Breaking Cycles

  • Life & Career Coaching 

  • Spiritual Lessons such as: Grounding, Deep Relaxation, Cutting Cords, Connecting with Loved Ones.

  • Learning to detect energy

  • Smudgings and Clearnings, home, office, vehicles, items

  • Spirit parties 

Readings and clearings are done by appointment in person, over the phone, or via Zoom.

Please contact Carolyn to set up an appointment or book an event.


Strategic Approach

Coaching and advising others is a unique skill. Those who are good at it will not only improve your game but will also improve your life.

With decades of experience, Carolyn is a dynamic individual who will strategically advise you on planning and carrying out your organization’s internal and external communications strategy and business goals. Working closely with senior leadership, internal functions, and individuals, she will help you craft communications, design engagement strategies, leverage communications, align team members across your organization, and see your plan through all stages.

Carolyn is skilled in the art of “listening first”, and uses her inner intuition, the power of positive thinking, co-creating, and a tool box full of business tools - to help you design an approach to achieve your personal, professional, and business goals.

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